Sancocho: Between Here & There

BFA Thesis '17

Sancocho: Between Here and There




Healing and Introspection

During my thesis year I conducted my own interviews for the first time. This process was a healing time for me because I was able to discuss certain pain points within my own identity with others. Listening to their stories was like lifting a weight off because we had so many things in common. It was a safe space for people to process their tensions. 

This year was about connecting new mediums (audio, video, sancocho, and clay) with ones I was accustomed to (Adobe illustrator, laser cutting, 3D modeling, interaction design).


Wedging Clay

My second semester of senior year was my first time working with clay. It was an amazing experience to be able to work with earth and begin to sculpt a piece out of a mound. It was a lengthy process that also required many expenses. However, working with my hands and stepping away from the computer was a sobering experience, that was well worth it.


One of My First Bowls

Clay and bowl making has a rich history that is connected to my spiritual practice. I saw building a dining table as building an altar. At this altar one listens to the stories left recorded while consuming a stew that is crafted following recipes that have also been passed down. At the dining table (altar) the listener can make an offering which would be their story.

Interactive installation virtual environment prototype. Made with Adobe Photoshop, Audtodesk Maya, and Unity 3D. Some of the images used in the prototype were found online.

Above is a presentation of my planning for the installation that I used for my thesis showing. Feel free to click through!


Please see my work page for more of my design and interactive projects